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Day 3: How to identify & Share

The first step toward profiting is accomplished by building confidence within yourself. Understanding the vision of the company build that confidence.

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How to identify & Share

*As you progress toward becoming a profitable Charter Member, your earning potential also grows. Complete each step to achieve success.

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Dave Dove - Director of Sales

  • Identify your 3 business partners or more. This would be the person who you would call in the middle of the night if you were stranded. The people who you care most about. 

  • Share (Different ways to share) 

Text, email, selfie video, send FB message, call or a one on one meet up.

A Next Generation Participation Marketplace

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We are the next-generation Participation Marketplace.

Just like Amazon Prime and Costco memberships, our members subscribe to get exclusive discounts on products and services through our marketplace.

But, in addition to saving money, our members share in the revenue generated from the marketplace.

On top of that, for the first time ever, our marketplace is partnering with an FDIC insured bank. This makes it so that we can share in the revenue with the bank everytime someone uses their debit card.

We have an easy to follow system that helps you share the marketplace with others and become cashflow positive very quickly.

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