Day 7: Duplicate 

The first step toward profiting is accomplished by building confidence within yourself. Understanding the vision of the company build that confidence.

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*As you progress toward becoming a profitable Charter Member, your earning potential also grows. Complete each step to achieve success.

Celebrate and recognize

“It doesn’t matter what works, it only matters what duplicates.”


  1. Become a product of the product. (Example USE the Travel or Perks) 

  2. Use the the third party tools that are available to you. 

(Have you heard the term “third party?” It means exactly what it says.) 


  1. Share the story.  Use your story of WHY you joined rNetwork to duplicate. Have you ever been mesmerized by someone’s story? Or at least very interested? How interested would you be if that same person rattled off a bunch of facts and figures to you? Snore, You would not be too interested.

We get paid to share good stories, as they say, stories sell facts tell.

A Next Generation Participation Marketplace

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