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We are thrilled that you have chosen to join our revolutionary financial movement, a place where the power is shifted back to the individual, where money traditionally captured by big business and banks is now being enjoyed by members just like YOU!

SUCCESS Launch Formula - LEARN

1- SAVE Become a product of the product

As soon as you join rNetwork you have access to exclusive savings right away and a record of your earnings at your fingertips. All this can be found in your personal rNetwork backoffice at: www.rnetwork.io/account/login*

Walk through your backoffice and savings with your enroller.


Success follows confidence. Become familiar with the rNetwork vision and support system that is available to you at:

Work with your Enroller to get plugged in.

3- YOUR WHY/GOAL Begin with the end in mind

Why did you join rNetwork?

What is your specific goal with rNetwork and time frame?

How much effort will you dedicate to this business?

What support and accountability do you want?

Review your goals with your Enroller and share your WHY in rNetwork World with the title "Why I Joined rNetwork" and a picture of you.

See example post in the PDF document post below.

Example Post:

"Why I joined rNetwork

rNetwork sets me on the path to freedom. Freedom in my finances and freedom to spend more time with my loved ones! (dont forget to post a picture with your post)"


Download the worksheet PDF

SUCCESS Launch Formula - SHARE


Review these resources so you know what is available to share.



Write down the three people you'd like as your business partners.

These are the people you would call in the middle of the night to come pick you up if you were stranded.

Review with your Enroller and create a plan of action for each.



Customize your own script based on the examples below and send to your three prospects. Be human and get to know their needs.

  • Send them a brief selfie video or audio, short video, presentation.

  • AVOID: Overwhelming with too much info or spamming.

  • DO: Build trust, respect their priorities, connect with a 3rd party, stay compliant, share savings, and invite them to join you.

Include a scheduled follow up with EVERY invite.


Example scripts are below.

Download the PDF worksheet.




Hey (Insert Name), I would love to run something by you real quick.  Will you take a look at this 2 minute video and let me know what you think?


Hey (Insert Name), Have you seen this yet?  It’s just 2 minutes, let me know what you think.


Hey (Insert Name), You know how everyone uses a debit card and the banks make money on every swipe?  Well I just found a way to get a piece of it!  Watch this 2 min video and get back with me asap.


Hey (Insert Name), I came across something I think is going to be huge and wanted to get your take on it.  Will you please watch this 2 minute video and let me know what you think?

Follow ups



Have you ever heard of a bank sharing the merchant fees with its members?  This is going to be huge!  I’d love to add you to a private FB page so you can check out what people are saying.


Hey (Insert Name), have you ever heard of a bank sharing the merchant fees with its members? This is going to be huge! I’m adding you to a private Facebook page called rWorld so you can check out how people are successfully saving and making money.


Hey (Insert Name), I’m adding you to a group chat (or 3-way call) with the person who told me about this. He/She is already making and saving money and can answer your questions.


Hey (Insert Name), I know you probably have some questions like I did so I’m adding you to a group chat (or 3-way call) with the person who told me about this.  He/She knows a lot more about it and can answer any questions you might have.

SUCCESS Launch Formula - EARN

1- Power3 BONUS

Personally enroll your first three charter members any time after enrollment and receive:

  • Power3 $50 monthly bonus.

  • Unlock all 10 Tiers of the compensation plan, as long as you remain Power3 status or higher with no interruptions.

Earning Power3 pays your subscription and your cashflow positive.

2- PowerUP BONUS

Personally enroll your first three charter members within your first 7 days of enrollment and receive:

  • PowerUP $75 one time bonus in addition to your $50 Power3 Bonus for a total of $125.

Earning PowerUP Bonus puts you in profit within your first 7 days.


  • Share this training with each member you enroll.

  • Share how you and your leaders have had success.

  • Help them remain positive, encouraged, and be accountable.

  • Work with them on a list of their prospective business partners.

Immediately help those you enroll get started

Watch the compensation plan video below for more details.

Download the EARN PDF below


You did it!  You completed the quickstart guide

and are ready to put your business into massive action!

The next step is also AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Next download your copy of the DMO "Daily Method of Operation below 

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